epIn the face of a multitude of media channels, face-to-face marketing is re-emerging as a key way to connect directly with customers and prospects. "What we are seeing is that events and experience marketing are the shortest distance between the brand and it's audience, a fact that is raising events upstream in the brand communication process," says Kerry Smith, executive director of EMI which conducts the longest running event surveys.

How Can You Get Face-to-Face with Customers?

Numerous event sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities exist at our niche events. We also create custom events for customers – which are then broadcast to our niche audiences through print supplements, digital editions, podcasts and more. Call today to set up a "face-to-face" conversation of your own to determine your needs and options with this effective marketing technique.

95% of consumers said that participating in a recent event made them more inclined to purchase the products being promoted.

- EventView 2012 Report