CPSay goodbye to junk mail and open a dialogue with your customers and prospects. Custom publishing cuts through the clutter and delivers a valuable message about your industry and your company. In fact, 80% of readers prefer receiving information about a company through a custom publication according to a Roper Public Affairs Custom Publishing Survey.

Have you struggled to get your message onto a postcard or billboard? Your marketing message deserves a better format. And your customers will spend more time learning about your company through a custom publication.

What will custom publishing do for you?

Custom publishing allows you to stop selling customers and start building a relationship with them. Here are some more great reasons to explore custom publishing.

? Increase your brand awareness over the competition.

? Communicate your sales message.

? Create higher customer loyalty.

? Better target a niche market.

? Turn prospects into customers.

? Better utilize your customer database.

? Educate the consumer.

? Tie together your marketing efforts and messages.

? Explain a complex message or technology.

? Illustrate your company's leadership position.

How do we get started?

We'll start with a meeting to get to know your company goals, mission, market and more. We'll also show you some effective custom publishing models and share a few exciting and creative ways to create valuable content, distribute your message and fund your project. Call today to learn more.


"75% of readers feel better informed when reading custom publications."

- Roper Custom Publishing Survey